Re: Grants for Private Christian Schools

    Dear Glenda,

    I,too,have a child in private school. When trying to find
    grants for private schools, you will find a lot of times that
    they only give to public schools.

    If your school is not a 501 (3)(c) non- profit, it needs to
    apply to the IRS for such status as many foundations want to be
    able to write off donations on their taxes.

    Secondly, go to a funding library in your state. These
    libraries have extensive reference books with foundations
    listed in them. Many foundations do not even have websites but
    contact/guideline information are in these books. They can
    break down the foundations geographically as well as other
    criteria like if they fund private schools. Go online and look
    for the funding libraries in your state. Now the reference
    section in just about any library will have information. But
    funding libraries tend to have more.

    On 10/09/09, Glenda Jones wrote:
    > My grandson attended Private Christian School in Virginia.
    > The principal has been looking for some grants, but have
    > not been able to locate any for Private Christian School.
    > Please help us in this task. THANKS