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I will place my story of "Little Red" here followed by
another next. It sounds better if you get down all the
voices. I will send out, um, say five tapes to the first
five who request it. Feel free to read and copy.

rick lynn
[email removed]]

Little Red was taking a big basket of goodies through the
woods, to her grandmother’s house. As she was walking
along, there appeared Mista Wolf, better known as Wolf

Little Red Says, "hez Mista Wolf; how you doing this

"I is doing fine, Little Red", sez Mista Wolf, "and whez
you off to this fine day?"

Little Red sez, "I am taking this big basket of goodies
through the woods to my Granny’s house. I got her some
hotdogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, french fries, an apple pie,
and a large pitcher of iced tea."

"UM, UM", sez Mista Wolf, "that sure sounds like some good

"Yes, Mista Wo...See More

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