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I wrote this story for my students entitled "Oscar", about
a hound dog who sleeps by day but becomes a super hero at
night, flying through the air and rescuing fellow dogs in
trouble. Having come from Southeast Atlanta and hearing a
lot of Uncle Remus, I find it best to use a good soft,
Southern Black accent, the kind you hear on Sunday in a
quiet, sermon kind of way. The kids really enjoy it. I get
a kick out of it also. A soft copy of "Oscar" and other
material is at the bottom of my home site at I also
have "Oscar Grammar" I use to teach reading comprehension.
This is also near the bottom of my home site right next to
the story "Oscar".

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Oscar is an old hound dog of mine. I didn’t know Oscar had
another life. It seems every night he would put on his red
cape and fly off into the night, looking for fellow dogs in
trouble. One night while everyone was sleep...See More

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