Re: Re:Dental Help

    I just want to agree with bud, I went to a dental school for
    my dental needs also. I received acceptional work. Please
    call around to some of the universities and colleges in the
    area and find out if they have a dental school. God bless.On 8/08/06, bud wrote:
    > Is there a Dental school around that needs to practice on
    > people. I know where I live there is a hair place like that
    > and a Doctor. That is where all the interns go to practice.
    > At least you can get some help maybe
    > On 8/07/06, Glenda Santiago wrote:
    >> Hi I'm a 28yr. old female,mother of 5 kids. I'm in need of
    >> help to get my teeth fixed they are braking at the gum
    >> line. I hate to show my teeth and smile that's somthing I
    >> havn't done in a long time. I stay at home and my husband
    >> works to support this family. I don't have dental inc. and
    >> I can't afford to get my teeth fixed. So if there's any
    > one
    >> that knows where I can get some help I'd be turely
    >> greatful. Thank you, Glenda