Re: 2011-2012 Gingerbread Man Exchange
    Windy Seagraves

    We would love to join your gingerbread man exchange if we can.
    We are in the foothills of North Carolina.
    Chesterfield Elementary
    2142 Pax Hill Road
    Morganton NC 28655

    On 11/01/11, Deb W. wrote:
    > This is the last call for this exchange--Please send me
    > your e-mail and school address. Final list goes out the end
    > of this week :)
    > Hi, last year my classes took part in a Ginger Bread man
    > exchange, and they loved it! We would like to do it again
    > this year. I would like to include classes from all over
    > the U.S. For the exchange, your class would design or
    > decorate a paper gingerbread man for each class on the
    > list. It can be decorated using your state, town or school
    > mascot colors or designs. (Use your imagination) A short
    > note would be included with a paragraph or two about your
    > school. These would need to be sent by November 30 so
    > everyone has theirs before winter break. If you would like
    > to join us and have some fun-- send me your name, grade,
    > email and address to debra.wolf@ Hope to hear from
    > you soon :)