Re: certification in AR

    On 5/13/10, Karrie wrote:
    > Actually....
    > I have a license in Arizona and in Guam...we are a military
    > family. I had to pay $10 for a new thing they are doing : Child
    > Maltreatment clearance. Then you have to apply for reciprocity.
    > If you send everything to ADE then you will get a "LETTER" that
    > states you are eligible for a provisional AR license. Use that
    > when applying for a job. THEY WILL NOT give you a provisional
    > license!! Crazy huh! I have been fighting with them on this
    > since my husband retired here from the Air Force. I can have my
    > intitial after I complete my 3 hour Arkansas History course, but
    > not until. That's it. Only thing that makes applying with
    > reciprocity better than getting an initial in Ar is that you
    > qualify to be placed under ALP (additional Licensure Plan) and
    > can teach out-of-field and have up to three years to fulfill
    > requirements for that teaching position. That is only with
    > reciprocity under the Akansas Department of Education: Rules
    > Governing the Addition of Areas of Licensure of Endorsement
    > under 3.00 Definitions : 3.01 ALP and 4.00 Requirements for
    > Adding an Area of Licensure or Endorsement: 4.01
    > I suggest getting into an AR History course as soon as possible
    > and avoid having to deal with the Provisional letter. Each time
    > you talk to someone at the state department, it seems like there
    > is a different answer.
    > Also, the provisional letter legally doesn't state what it
    > says that the district couldn't hire a certified
    > teacher for the position that they hire the provisional teacher
    > for....which could be false. A person coming from out of state
    > could be more qualified for the position, but hold a provisional
    > license.
    > Sorry..still ranting and raving. I am stuck with my AR history
    > that I am taking from Uof A and it is HARD!!
    > On 4/26/10, Peggy/TX wrote:
    >> Hi, Karen,
    >> I just tried to answer another question here a few minutes
    >> ago, so I'll give another try here. When I applied for my
    >> Arkansas certificate, I held an Oklahoma certificate, and I
    >> received my Arkansas certificate without any problems
    >> whatsoever. I was asked to be fingerprinted, but that's quick
    >> and easy. I don't remember the initial cost, but sometimes it
    >> can be fairly hefty, as you probably know being from the great
    >> state of Texas!
    >> Just download an application for certification from the
    >> Arkansas Department of Education and send all your
    >> transcripts, Texas state test results, if you have them, and a
    >> copy of your Texas cerificate. My guess is that you'll
    >> be "good to go" in Arkansas without any problems.
    >> Good Luck.
    >> Peggy/TX
    >> On 4/02/10, Karen Price wrote:
    >>> I would like to relocate to Arkansas. I hold a Texas
    >>> teaching certificate. Will Arknasas honor this
    >>> certification, or will I have to take more exams?