Legal question

    I have a question and I'm not sure where to turn...

    I am tentured in my district, and have been there for 8
    years. I am considered highly-qualified in my state, and
    have my Masters. Last year, a position opened up within my
    district that I wanted. I was the only in-house candidate
    to apply. According to our contract, any position that
    opens up within the district for which you are qualified
    and, barring any disciplinary actions, should be awarded to
    that candidate prior to giving it to any outside
    candidate. I had no disciplinary actions, and was
    obviously more thnan qualifued for the position (it was for
    instruemntal music and I have my Masters in musidc
    performance and have taught instrumental music prior to my
    position at this district, which is general music.)
    Anyhow, to sum it up, the position was awardede to a first
    year teacher, fresh out of college with *no*experienec at
    all and who was an outside candidate. When I went to my
    union, the head of the union stated "that's what happens"
    and did nothing. NOw, this union head is known for doing
    nothing and no one is happy with him - unfortunately, he
    has done underhanded things to make sure no one runs
    against him and to guarantee his re-election every ection
    time. There is currently a complaint against at the state
    level, but that is taking a while to get done.

    My question I have any legal recourse to take
    action either against the union for non-representation and
    against the district for breaking contract?

    Does anyone know where I can find assistance for something
    like this?