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I have a question and I'm not sure where to turn...

I am tentured in my district, and have been there for 8 years. I am considered highly-qualified in my state, and have my Masters. Last year, a position opened up within my district that I wanted. I was the only in-house candidate to apply. According to our contract, any position that opens up within the district for which you are qualified and, barring any disciplinary actions, should be awarded to that candidate prior to giving it to any outside candidate. I had no disciplinary actions, and was obviously more thnan qualifued for the position (it was for instruemntal music and I have my Masters in musidc performance and have taught instrumental music prior to my position at this district, which is general music.) Anyhow, to sum it up, the position was awardede to a first year teacher, fresh out of college with *no*experienec at all and who was an outside candidate. When I went to my union, the head of the union stated "that's...See More
You might want to try... On 3/30/09, bassman wrote: You might look into an attorney that specializes in employment law. There are some attorneys that actually specialize in education law. I tried getting one a few years back, but he couldn't take my case because he represented my school at one time.

Hopefully someone with expertise can chime in here for you. Soun...See More
Mar 30, 2009

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