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    My husband's job is moving us to the Savannah area this summer. We will probably live in Rincon or Richmond Hill. I am certified to teach elementary and SPED. I also considered getting certified to teach middle grade math so I have a better chance of finding a job. Any advice or info would be helpful.
    Bridgets There are numerous jobs in that area. Math or SPED. You will most likely have your choice of interviews! Richmond Hill is a good place (area) to start....I would go to myteachga and start putting in my resume. They begin looking for shortage area teachers in Jan/Feb!
    Dec 30, 2017
    Is it possible to add early childhood education certificate to my interrelated special education p-12 certificate (highly qualified in all 4 core subject areas) by passing the GACE, or would I have to enroll in some program as well? Looking to switch from a co-teacher to elementary school general ed teacher.
    HappyDays You've probably already found the answer to your question, but for anyone else that stumbles upon this, yes there is a way to add Early Childhood to your certificate but it is a weird process. Beginning this fall (2017/18) Georgia is offering a TAPP program for the Early Childhood add-on. I am in the process of moving from Middle Grades right now. ...See More
    Jul 7, 2017
    Lizgabe03 Hmm, so I currently am certified in Elementary education & SpEd, with a gifted add-on. I was thinking about adding middle grades to my certification because I am moving a thought it would give me more options. I was told all I have to do is pass the middle grades math GACE to be teach middle grades math. So was this information was wrong?
    Dec 24, 2017
    Had anyone take the GACE in Curriculum and Instruction and how does it look like? I appreciate any input!
    Does anyone know how many years of service does a teacher need to be eligible to keep state medical benefits in retirement? Thanks in advance.
    GArunner This is from the Georgia TRS website: TRS does not administer health or dental care benefits for retirees or determine your eligibility to participate in a health or dental plan during your retirement. TRS does not provide information regarding the filing of claims. Retirees should direct all questions regarding health and dental insurance to their...See More
    Oct 14, 2017
    I have been a teacher in south FL for the past 12 years. However, my husband and I are considering a move to GA. I'm looking for any advice and information regarding Gwinnett County Public Schools or other districts that might be a good fit.
    I have been teaching at a school since the school year began in August but have no contract. Can I resign without any issues?
    Garland/GA If you haven't signed a contract, then you shouldn't have any issues. I would be cautious if you are looking for another job and need the references though. You don't want a bad reference due to resigning mid year.
    Sep 18, 2017
    Got this in an email. Thought I would share it. It had foot notes in the original.

    Did you know the author of TKES, James Stronge, says your review is only effective 75 percent of the time? This means 1 in 4 teachers who receive “ineffective” or “needs improvement” scores are unfairly punished. For more information on problems wit...See More
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    Mary22 It seems like TKES should be "class-action lawsuit worthy." I'm frankly surprised it hasn't happened already. If anyone ever could get the ball rolling, I think they'd find at least 70% -of the state's teachers on board.
    Aug 18, 2017
    GArunner Exactly! This is my 6th year with TKES! The first year was practice. Oh my! We had 6 observations over the year. Seems our principal and assistant principal were always doing someone's observation! At least now those with 4 years teaching experience can have 2 a year.

    Interesting to see the information presented in the above message! I ho...See More
    Sep 10, 2017
    Hi !! I'm not a teacher yet but I'm currently on college hoping to be one . I have an assignment I need to do and was wondering if someone could be apart of it ? Please ! The assignment is for me to contact a early childhood educator and ask about their jobs duties and position. I need your name and place of work as my reference . I'd greatly appre...See More
    GArunner Hi Christina! I see that no one has replied to your question. I am a Kindergarten Special Education Teacher in Lithonia, Georgia (DeKalb County). Got my Early Childhood Degree (B.A.) in 1983 (yes, before computers took off). I was one of 2 people on campus with an electric typewriter! In 1998 I got my Preschool Special Ed. Endorsement so began teac...See More
    Sep 10, 2017
    My daughter is a sophomore, and is in the fourth week of school. She still does not have a teacher for her US & World Affairs class. They have done nothing in class in four weeks, but two work sheets that the sub has given. In fact the class did not have a substitute teacher today, students just sat the entire period. Should I be concerned or i...See More
    School Languages Arts test. This is my second time taking it and I need help. Can anyone assist me.

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