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Is it possible to add early childhood education certificate to my interrelated special education p-12 certificate (highly qualified in all 4 core subject areas) by passing the GACE, or would I have to enroll in some program as well? Looking to switch from a co-teacher to elementary school general ed teacher.
HappyDays You've probably already found the answer to your question, but for anyone else that stumbles upon this, yes there is a way to add Early Childhood to your certificate but it is a weird process. Beginning this fall (2017/18) Georgia is offering a TAPP program for the Early Childhood add-on. I am in the process of moving from Middle Grades right now. ...See More
Jul 7, 2017
Lizgabe03 Hmm, so I currently am certified in Elementary education & SpEd, with a gifted add-on. I was thinking about adding middle grades to my certification because I am moving a thought it would give me more options. I was told all I have to do is pass the middle grades math GACE to be teach middle grades math. So was this information was wrong?
Dec 24, 2017

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