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Hi. I was hoping someone could give me direction? An MRI on my spine revealed much damage and my doctor had to ask for accommodations to be made in late September. When the school did not make them, several more letters were sent explaining my condition. Around November, the school began making some accommodations. I don't qualify for FMLA because I just moved here and haven't been with the county 12 months. However, the doctor noted the condition made it so I was "unable to fulfil my duties due to condition"- The County asked me to apply for FMLA anyway because the BOE needed documentation. I can hardly walk and limp most of the day. I've taught for 20 years so this has been very difficult.

When I was denied FMLA due to being there "Less than 12 months" they county sent me a letter stating I needed to call HR, then get a "release to work form" and arrange my absences with my principal based on school policy.

I've been told I can be fired for medical reasons and rep...See More

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