Re: breaking teacher contract before school begins

    Under state law, if you've signed a contract, the district can
    ask the state to suspend your certificate if you unilaterally
    jump ship on your contract. However, if you ASK the district
    to let you out of the contract, and they agree, you're fine.
    The main difference is asking. If the district says yes, then
    you are fine, but if they say no, then you are stuck teaching
    there unless you want to risk certificate suspension.

    However, most districts don't want teachers who don't want to
    be there, so you might be OK. Especially since it's a very
    rough job market, there should be plenty of replacements.
    Still, it's a gamle.

    On 7/19/10, Angela wrote:
    > I would like to know if anyone knows if there is a penalty
    > for breaking a teacher contract before the school year
    > begins in the state of Illinois? It is for personal
    > reasons. I accepted a position early in the summer being
    > happy to have found a decent school during this shortage of
    > teaching jobs. I now, 2 months later, see that there is a
    > job that has popped up in the district where I would really
    > like to work, and is local to me. The other job is over an
    > hour away. I know what the real, morally responsible answer
    > is, but as teachers are we not allowed to be a little
    > selfish sometimes? I'm already not being paid much and to
    > have to drive over an hour every day does not help.