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Long story, but I went to school for teaching out of state, did not complete student teaching but did complete all of my coursework, and five years later am still trying to figure out how to get licensed. The state is being very unclear about the requirements I need to meet. One person at the DOE said I needed to go back to school and get my Master's (which is not a thing I am currently able or willing to do), one said I needed to move back to the original state where I went to school. I am just trying to be a teacher. I will take whatever extra courses I need to take and student teach and do whatever field placements are necessary, I'm just having no luck finding out what I have left to do. My deficiency letter literally reads "needs comparable out of state certificate" and I don't have one of those, that doesn't give me any kind of path to certification and I feel like I've hit yet another dead end. I've paid hundreds now for certification testing and registration fees and applicatio...See More
BA That's a mess! I wonder if you might get some guidance by setting up an appointment with a Education Department faculty member at whatever Illinois state college is closest to you. I suspect that you need student teaching and it may be difficult to get an Illinois school to give you credit for student teaching unless you enroll in some courses at t...See More
Aug 21, 2017
Stacy Not sure where you are in Illinois but a university that offers teacher certificate could do a transcript evaluation and then see what else you need to do. Illinois is becoming a nightmare to get certified. It literally may be easier to go back to your other state and complete the student teaching. I do not know how feasible it would be for that bu...See More
Sep 4, 2017

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