Re: LBS1....Need Help

    On 7/24/10, sped wrote:
    > On 7/21/10, Amanda wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I am currently going for my LBS1 endorsement. I was
    >> hoping to take a few online courses through University of
    >> Phoenix. I've heard mixed reviews on whether the courses
    >> prepare you for the test. Any advice?
    > I can only speak to the LBS I test and not the U of P courses,
    > though I have hired teachers with an LBS I from U of P. The
    > test is actually based in common sense, if you're student
    > centered. A good rule of thumb is to choose the option that
    > focus most on the individual student. I don't remember much
    > about IEPs or goal writing being on the test, other than maybe
    > a question or two about how IEPs are legal contracts and that
    > data has to be collected which you should know from your intro
    > to sped class.
    >> Also, what courses do transfer from University of Phoenix?
    > Transfer to where? That will depend upon the university you
    > want to transfer them to. As I recall, the Phoenix classes are
    > graduate level courses. As a general rule, most colleges
    > severely restrict the transfer of graduate-level credit, as
    > that a traditional educational Master's degree is only 30-40
    > credits, is highly planned out and structured, and doesn't
    > usually have much room for electives. That's not to say you
    > can't transfer some certain, related courses, but they would
    > have to fit in your program.
    > TRANSFER: I guess I should have used a different term
    instead of transfer. I'm wondering what courses will count
    toward obtaining my LBS1 from ISBE. I tried calling them, but
    didn't get many straight answers. Thanks =)