Re: This is My Illinois

    The troll also doesn't get the fact Illinois teachers do NOT pay
    into Social Security and therefore cannot get it or get a
    reduced benefit if they paid into it in other work for a
    substantial period.

    They also can't get a spouse's SS if the spouse dies.

    On 11/30/12, anon wrote:
    > All true. This troll Merrill doesn't understand the
    > concept of deferred compensation or of contracts.
    > The troll Merrill doesn't understand the very large
    > percentage of workers in previous decades had defined
    > benefit pensions and not the scams called 401(k)s, which
    > were never designed to be pensions in the first place until
    > Washington policies and loopholes made it easy for
    > companies to renege on their obligations to their workers.
    > We need a return to the pension system for workers, not
    > make more workers impoverished.
    > If Merrill thinks teaching is so easy, he can go ahead and
    > go into it or into some other public sector job.
    > Public sector workers are also taxpayers.
    > On 11/29/12, therealsped wrote:
    >> On 11/29/12, Merrill wrote:
    >>> You say you have paid into your pension in three out
    >>> of four districts? What about the fourth? Is Mandy
    >>> down at Walmart picking up your pension now? Must be
    >>> nice getting free retirement.
    >> Mandy at Walmart isn't picking up my retirement. I
    >> don't work for Mandy. I work for a school district
    >> which is doing so. You don't seem to get the
    >> difference. That's OK, most teacher have experience
    >> with kids who just refuse to get it. BTW, I'm an
    >> administrator and not a member of a union. This is
    >> something that I personally negotiated in my employment
    >> contract. Do you have a problem with this? I'm really
    >> good at what I do...
    >>> I'm sure you cry all the way to WalMart in your Lexus.
    >> I don't shop at Walmart ever and I don't drive a Lexus.
    >> I like how the VP of
    >>> the teacher's union shows up at hard-core Marxist
    >>> rallies, along with hundreds of teachers, in order to
    >>> denounce the rich, threaten the government, and to
    >>> call for revolution
    >>> How can we expect these people to even be remotely
    >>> objective or fair in the classroom? Radicals don't
    >>> make good teachers.
    >> Right Comrade, Marxism whatever. Teachers are entitled
    >> to their political opinion. I know quite extreme
    >> right-wing teachers as well. I also know very religious
    >> teachers and believing in a guy who lives on a cloud
    >> and judges everyone is a whole lot scarier to me than
    >> someone who believes in taxing the rich to give to the
    >> poor... like Jesus believed come to think of it. I'm
    >> actually management, by the way. But I believe teachers
    >> deserve good pay and the best way to achieve that
    >> through being members of a union.
    >>> No, it is not a "negotiated compensation"
    >>> in the sense that the taxpayers had any input, or
    >>> even KNOWLEDGE OF what was going on. It was a
    >>> backroom deal that was partially responsible for
    >>> bankrupting the pension system.
    >> Tax payers have input when they elect school board
    >> members. The school board then hires administrators who
    >> negotiate contracts. The school board then approves the
    >> contract. The United States is not a direct democracy
    >> at any level of government and can't realistically be.
    >> That would mean that the public would have to vote on
    >> every single act of government. Not possible and not
    >> the American system. You elect people to run various
    >> levels of government. They do so. If you don't like it,
    >> vote a different way or run yourself. However, most
    >> school board positions are unpaid, and you probably
    >> won't like running the school district yourself for
    >> free, so you'll hire people to do it for you... and
    >> you'll have to pay them.
    >> Pension pick up hasn't bankrupted the pension system.
    >> TRS is not the only pension system in trouble, and
    >> there isn't pension pick up in every public system.
    >> Pension pick up was actually paid into the system,
    >> whether it was from the teachers directly or from the
    >> school district. The systems are bankrupt because the
    >> state didn't pay the money they were obligated to pay
    >> over many years. THIS and only this is why the systems
    >> are struggling. Had the state done what it was legally
    >> required to do, then we would be in a much better spot.
    >> Now, the state has screwed teachers and wants to screw
    >> them further. However, you seem to think teachers are
    >> communists who don't deserve any retirement. Your
    >> constant invocation of Walmart proves you devalue
    >> teachers and their work.
    >>> Maybe you should start contributing to your own damn
    >>> retirement and stop insisting that people working at
    >>> the local WalMart pay for it. Parasite.
    >> Parasite? I'm quite certain I've paid more property
    >> taxes in the last year than you have in the last ten. I
    >> own a large number of rental properties. I could retire
    >> tomorrow and I'm not yet 40, and live comfortably on
    >> that income. Whatever TRS benefits remain when I
    >> actually do retire will be a supplement to a much
    >> larger retirement package I've put together. You just
    >> hate teachers and what they do. You likely hate cops,
    >> firefighters and anyone else who works for government,
    >> but its less popular to bash them.
    >> We don't work for you. We work for school districts.
    >> You get one vote, that's it. So vote in the next
    >> election for state reps and school board members. We
    >> aren't "stealing" from you. In fact, if you
    >> want to take personal responsibility, you have
    >> defrauded educators. The precious tax payers, through
    >> your state representatives, have not funded the public
    >> retirement systems for decades. The tax payers' elected
    >> representatives made agreements, and now you dare to
    >> shirk your agreements? Who is the parasite?