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Dear Educators,

Greetings from Costa Rica. I would like to announce a
course for
teachers for this coming summer in Costa Rica.

Proyecto Campanario, the Institute for Central American
Studies, and
Lewis and Clark College have teamed up to offer an
intense "Habitats and
Culture of Costa Rica" course for academic or
professional development
credit for teachers. The hands-on course is an
environmental overview of
present day Costa Rica that emphasizes the natural
history of its
diverse landscapes as well as the language and customs of
the people.
Teachers will journey across Costa Ricas extraordinary
geography: from
coral lagoon to once-glaciated peaks of volcanic rock,
cloud forests, lowland rainforests, and mangrove swamps.
This is a
rather intense "field trip".

You may read more about the course on our web site and/or
write to us
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