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I am a 7th grade math teacher in NC. I have my predicted scores for my students that tested in May. I do not want to wait until October to see my score. I want to know the index score in the next couple of days. My question is?

To calculate the score, do I take the predicted score of each student and compare it the the actual score and find the difference. For example:

Predicted Score for Johny: 70th percentile

Actual Score in May for Johny: 73rd percentile

+3 point gain for Johny

And then calculate every student gain or loss and find the average.


Jarett I am not an expert, so everything I say here is my opinion based on how I understand this works. So my short answer to your proposed calculation is no, it is not equivalent to the EVAAS result you will receive in October. . The EVAAS score released in the fall includes how all students taking the same exam this year score, so it cannot be calculate...See More
Jun 21, 2018

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