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Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice about moving a new teaching career in New Jersey (no more than an hour and 20 minutes or so from NYC by public transit).

I'm about to complete my student teaching and M.Ed. in Maryland. I will be certified in pre-K to 12 ESL, but I will only teach elementary or middle, especially PK-2. I also have a bachelor's in linguistics. I've taken the Praxis and edTPA.

My current plan is to apply for a NJ CEAS this fall, teach in Maryland for a year, and then start job hunting in New Jersey for 2018-2019. I'm wondering how hard it is for an out-of-state candidate, with an M.Ed. and a year of paid teaching experience, to get a job teaching ESL. My understanding is that ESL has a teacher shortage, but I've looked on dozens of school district websites and none of them have openings as of now. I hear New Jersey is very competitive and I know they may turn up their noses at someone from another state without tenure. I also know many ESL programs...See More

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