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Hello all,

I recently withdrew from medical school (long story short-a life in medicine just wasn't for me) and am strongly considering pursuing a career in science education, preferably at the high school level (hopefully AP level eventually). I have enough credits (>30) in Biology and Chemistry to qualify for a Certificate of Eligibility in both subjects (once I pass the 2 subject matter PRAXIS and the General Science PRAXIS exams). I was wondering what the realities were in terms of the job market for alternate route high school science teachers in NJ? I've read and been told that STEM areas are in high demand (more so Math/Physics/Comp Science vs Bio/Chem?) and that the job market is always tough esp for alt-route teachers but that the high-need areas are a little easier to break into.

Any info you could share regarding the realities of the current job market for Chem/Bio high school teachers, esp pertaining to the feasibility of pursuing this as an alternate ...See More

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