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Does anyone know the starting salary range for a K-12 Mild/Mod. Intervention Specialist with an Alternative Educator License?

pksped The question is not what you would make with that particular licensure; the question is in what school district you hope to teach.

Click this link, and go to the "collective bargaining" link on the right hand side. You'll see the master contracts of most Ohio public schools and other agencies (though some contracts shown aren't the most c...See More
Mar 20, 2009
pksped, who did the math....wow! Comparing the same school districts that I mentioned in my previous post, I would lose $2669 if I went one district over, and gain $3957 if I went one district over the other way. (And I could have earned that with M+15, instead of the M+30 where I am now.) And neither district is even close to any of the Big C's, Dayton, Toledo, or any other large...See More
Mar 21, 2009

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