Re: Wow, I See Why You Need to Know Someone!

    On 5/19/09, I know just what you mean... wrote:
    > I know right where you are coming from! My husband (4-9 math
    > and language arts teacher) had to take a teaching job in
    > North Carolina after trying for two years to find a teaching
    > job in Ohio. We moved to N.C. in the fall of 2005 and have
    > been applying for teaching jobs in Ohio since then with no
    > luck(not even a call). At this point anywhere in Ohio will
    > work for that brings us back to our home state that
    > we love and miss and closer to our entire family that lives
    > in N.E. Ohio. One can always hope....

    Sounds just like my situation. I couldn't find a job in NE Ohio
    so my wife and I moved to NC in 2004. I would love to go back
    home, but even if I could find a job I worry that with the economy
    I would/could just be laid off and and have the same problems all
    over again. Actually with the way things are in NC, it would
    probably be worse.