Re: Wow, I See Why You Need to Know Someone!
    In NC...

    Hi, I've been reading through this thread and have a few
    suggestions for places to look:

    None of these school systems are perfect and from what I understand
    you gotta call the schools individually- to let the principal know
    you're interested.

    You must perform your due dilligence though! I've taught in a
    dysfunctional, N.Carolina, middle school that was over 1200 kids.

    Speaking of N.Carolina- it has begun laying off teachers in its
    larger counties yet I still see openings in its smaller less
    affluent counties( i.e.-Alamance Burlington).

    If you do get a job post what happened. I for one like to read
    about good endings. BTW if you read the NC board take it with a
    grain of salt. I find the posts there tend toward discouraging job
    seekers and an anti-union stance.

    Oh, 1 last thing- only VA has comparable salaries to OH but no
    southern state will have comparable unions to OH.

    God bless.

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