Re: title 1 qualifications
    fellow teacher

    On 5/23/09, Leslie wrote:
    > My certification is 1-8
    > Does this qualify me to be a title I teacher?
    > Leslie

    It depends on the school system where the Title I
    program/position is located and the needs of the Title I
    students in that system. Some systems require specific skills
    or training to implement the duties of the program/position.
    For example, some school systems require their Title I teachers
    to use Dibels or other specific programs with their Title I
    population. Candidates with knowledge about the required
    programs would have an advantage over those without, I think.
    However, some school systems may not have these requirements.
    If not, your certification may be fine. It is similar to mine
    (though I have made other upgrades to mine) and I will be a
    Title I teacher next year. If you are interested in the
    position, I would apply just to see what questions they ask.
    The interview experience can be beneficial.