Re: Jobs in NE Ohio

    First a vent...Getting a teaching job with an elementary degree is
    a challenge and it does come down to who you know in a lot of
    districts. I live in a rural district in southwest Ohio and was
    unable to get an interview for an elementary special education
    position at an elementary building in my own school district that I
    have resided in for over 20 years even though I hold a bachelors in
    elememtary education, masters in special education (K-12) and a K-
    12 reading endorsement making me a more than qualified candidate
    for the position.

    I did the sub thing for 5 years and then decided to stick it out in
    a large urban district, but was the first cut when budgets were
    cut. Completed my masters and then worked as a teacher of high
    school students with multiple disabilities for a year. At last I am
    teaching 2nd graders again.

    If you really want to teach be prepared to suck it up, sub, get a
    better education than you need, net work and net work some more and
    consider tutoring (it pays well and you set your own schedule).

    Good luck and keep getting your name and resume out to those
    building principles.