Re: Union

    I taught for a while at a few local colleges (part time) since I
    have my PhD in Genetics. I got to know a lot students and
    teachers in the area. I decided to get my teacher license because
    I would have a steady job and I can teach. I would rather teach
    in a private school, but beggars cannot be choosers.
    With that, there are some terrible science teachers in the area.
    For no other reason other than the union/politics, they still have
    a job. It's unfortunate that younger teachers cannot get a chance
    because they have 20 yrs invested, but have no business teaching
    our youth.
    Just like sports, teaching should be performance based. You don't
    want to do anything, fine, you don't get a raise. The concept of
    unions were good 80 years ago, but now they promote mediocrity for
    our students. Protecting too many teachers that should not be in
    the schools.
    It is not an accident that Ohio public schools (as a whole) has a
    bottom 10 state ranking in the US, with the likes of WV,
    Mississippi and others. Using computerize data analysis is an
    effective way to assess teacher/student performance.

    On 12/31/09, Just Curious wrote:
    > Why do you not want to join the union? I was just curious. In
    > my district you don't have to join but you still have to pay
    > a large fee that is only 10 dollars less than the fee that
    > members pay. Happy New Year!
    > On 12/24/09, Confused? wrote:
    >> Hi, I am looking for information regarding joining the union
    >> when I become a teacher next spring.
    >> I DO NOT want to join. Do I have to join? It is against my
    >> principles to join a union. I am just looking into it now
    >> so I can defend myself later.
    >> Thanks for your time.