Re: charter school questions

    As with any employer do your homework. However, I work at a
    Charter School and the founder and adminstrators have an
    extensive educational background. We are a school of choice and
    work very hard to supply a quality education on a minimal budget
    from the state than what the larger districts get. This school
    is not in it for the money and are aware of those that may
    mismanage their funds. The staff is paid fairly and are
    accountable for their performance. One difference is that staff
    have a voice and collaborate together along with working in a
    positive manner with our great Special Ed. Dept. Interview,
    research school and you'll make the right decision.

    On 2/14/10, Proffitt wrote:
    > On 2/12/10, interested wrote:
    >> Does anyone have any insights into what it is like working
    > at a charter school? I have an interview with one next week.
    > I currently work at a charter school. What would you like to
    > know?