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Dale Price Launches Campaign for STRS Board

Dale Price, candidate for the State Teachers Retirement System Board, was the first to qualify for the ballot after collected hundreds of signatures from teachers across Ohio. Price is trained in pension issues and is committed to representing the interests of his fellow teachers as a member of the retirement board.

“I am dedicated to protecting our pensions and retiree health care. I am traveling the state talking with teachers to ask that they vote for me, Dale Price, for the STRS Board,” he said.

“Teachers want to know that smart, passionate people are making the right decisions about their retirement investments. As an active teacher myself, I share their concerns,” Price said.

Price is keenly focused on the critical role STRS Board members play in protecting our pensions and health care for retirees. To strengthen his qualifications to serve on the board, Dale Price has been attending STRS ...See More

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