STRS Election
    Dale Price

    Dale Price Launches Campaign for STRS Board

    Dale Price, candidate for the State Teachers Retirement
    System Board, was the first to qualify for the ballot after
    collected hundreds of signatures from teachers across Ohio.
    Price is trained in pension issues and is committed to
    representing the interests of his fellow teachers as a
    member of the retirement board.

    "I am dedicated to protecting our pensions and retiree
    health care. I am traveling the state talking with teachers
    to ask that they vote for me, Dale Price, for the STRS
    Board," he said.

    "Teachers want to know that smart, passionate people are
    making the right decisions about their retirement
    investments. As an active teacher myself, I share their
    concerns," Price said.

    Price is keenly focused on the critical role STRS Board
    members play in protecting our pensions and health care for
    retirees. To strengthen his qualifications to serve on the
    board, Dale Price has been attending STRS Board meetings to
    observe debate over current issues.

    "Teachers want to be able to decide when is the right time
    to retire. We need to know that our retirement investments
    are being managed in a way that will allow us to make the
    right decision," Price said.

    "It is extremely important, especially in these economic
    times, that STRS Board members have a deep understanding of
    how pensions work so they can act to preserve our
    investments. I am that candidate," Price said.

    Price recently participated in a national training
    conference for union representatives who serve on pension
    boards hosted by AFT. Included in the conference were
    seminars from representatives of the National Public Pension
    Coalition, National Institute on Retirement Security,
    AFL-CIO, and AFT.

    Price is endorsed by the Ohio Federation of Teachers and the
    Akron Education Association.

    "Dale Price is well versed in the forces that threaten our
    pensions," said OFT President Sue Taylor.

    Price has spent most of his 27-year teaching career in
    Toledo Public Schools. He is a graduate of Akron Public Schools.

    Price is the only full-time mathematics teacher in Toledo's
    innovative manufacturing engineering program. Toledo
    Technology Academy High School has a rigorous curriculum and
    an engineering focus. In addition to teaching math courses
    from algebra to pre-calculus, Dale Price utilized his
    journalism background to create the yearbook at Toledo
    Technology Academy and was the longtime advisor of the
    student newspaper at Toledo's Woodward High School.

    "His skills as a math teacher will make him a strong member
    of the STRS Board when it comes to digesting actuarial
    reports and understanding the best investment strategies.
    His journalism background serves him equally well as Dale
    Price is a confident, assertive communicator," she said.
    "Dale Price is by far the right candidate to represent OFT
    members on the STRS Board."

    STRS will mail ballots to teachers starting April 1.
    Teachers may vote for Dale Price by mail, phone or online.
    All votes must be received by STRS by May 3, so those who
    plan to mail their ballots should do so a week or more
    before the deadline.

    For more information about the Dale Price for STRS campaign,
    find Dale Price on Facebook at Dale Price STRS.