Re: Are teachers in Demand??.....Please help with my prof de

    Special Ed?

    On 3/04/10, Already a teacher wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I am already a teacher. I teach elective classes, and I am
    > low in seniority....and because there are only 2 of us in
    > the department, and my coworker with seniority has only 5
    > years more than I do...I will remain low in seniority for
    > most of my career.
    > In the past, student enrollment has been a concern for
    > us....and if enrollment were to get low job
    > would be the one on the line.
    > So...for my professional development, I am considering
    > earning an additional teaching license. I already have a
    > masters degree. I spoke with my administrators about this,
    > and they encouraged it...saying that it would give me more
    > job security, because if enrollment got low enough in our
    > department, they could always give me a period or two
    > teaching in the other area.
    > My administrator recommended getting a core license (and
    > said Math and Science are always in high demand).
    > The problem with Math and Science is that I always had
    > trouble with those courses when I was in school.
    > Does anyone have any recommendations for other licenses
    > that are in high demand??
    > I appreciate any input!