Re: High school and middle school math jobs
    Teacher from out of state

    On 4/06/10, where? wrote:
    > On 4/06/10, Teacher from out of state wrote:
    >> Does anyone know of any math openings coming up in their
    >> school? I have great credentials and can work for the lower
    >> salaries schools are willing to pay because I have worked
    >> in a Catholic school?
    > What part of Ohio are you moving to? I live in NE Ohio, and
    > unless you are willing to work in an urban, city school, it
    > is very difficult to find positions. You will hear that math
    > teachers are in demand, but that is not true in this part of
    > the state, again, unless you want to work in the inner-city
    > (or unless you know someone in the hiring process or you have
    > a rich relative who can donate a boat load of money to the
    > district) Good luck to you.

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately NE Ohio is the spot I'm
    looking for jobs. I have gone for three interviews so I guess
    I'm ahead of some of the competition but I have no idea how many
    people are getting interviewed and I seem to be getting bumped
    out at that point