Re: SCDE Refuses to Talk with a SC teacher

    First, I'm not angry at anyone. I don't waste the energy on anger,
    that's what Triathlons are for. :) I do know the employment laws in NC,
    SC, TN, and KS. I was not only a Sr. PM in those states, but also
    started in HR and Compliance. I am very well aware.

    I will say that while I have worked with many angry men, I still find
    humor in their discountenance of a female opinion. I love it, it makes
    me laugh, so thank you. :)

    I am also successfully going through ADEPT, Mr. Rogers. I know the
    "rules." I also know that in the state of SC, one of the most protected
    jobs is a government job which is what teaching is. I'm not trying to
    belittle my own job by calling it a "government" job. There's no shame
    in that, but that is what it is. All of the co workers I'm going
    through ADEPT with are also successful in this first semester. I'm
    thankful for that. I love the people I work with and I hope they stay.

    I will admit though...Mr. Jones, I do not have the time nor want to read
    your entire post. Lecture bores me.

    Have a great day!

    On 12/27/09, Will Rogers wrote:
    > Mr Jones and Ms. Angie,
    > You two do not know the law and have a REALLY wide streak of anger!
    > WOW! I just went through ADEPT, and Passed, and a co-worker did the
    > same.
    > If you fail ADEPT, you have the RIGHT to DEMAND a year of
    > remediation. That means the administration, BY LAW, MUST PROVIDE
    > Why tear down all the time, try to make the system better! If YOU
    > have issues, fix them and move on.
    > Will
    > On 12/22/09, Theodore A. Jones wrote:
    >> No person or organization, especially a government organization,
    >> is allowed the latitude of contemptuousness of public
    > policy in
    >> the United States without becoming conspicuous. It may have
    >> skipped your notice but deliberately with holding pertinent
    >> information to a person to whom a government organization
    >> proposes an employment situation that will result in the
    >> inevitable detriment to the person employed is indeed
    >> objectionable and contrary to the public policy of the Untied
    > *****SNIP!****
    >> On 12/22/09, Angie wrote:
    >>> This may come as a shock to most teachers, but in any other
    >>> profession no reason has to be given for a termination of
    >>> employment. Everyone is an employee at will and SC is a state
    >>> where the employer can terminate employment as they see fit.
    >>> While it appears that the district used the guise of ADEPT to
    >>> rid itself of unwanted employees, it is not illegal. I do not
    >>> pretend to know the reasons, but I'm certain there are some.
    >>> Take solace in the fact that for everything there is a reason
    >>> and a purpose; there's no such thing as 'accidents.'
    > *****snip*****