Re: SCDE Refuses to Talk with a SC teacher
    Susan Jones

    Will, I'm not sure how long you have been in education, but I would venture a
    guess of not long.

    1. The district will not talk to me. What did they want? Me out of there. As
    far as they are concerned, they have followed ADEPT. The SCDE seems to be in
    agreement with SDOC. I asked for and was denied the year's diagnostic
    evaluation. Yes, I am angry with these two entities, not the whole state. If
    I were free to move (I am not at present), I could probably find another
    teaching position.

    2. Neither of the SC teacher organizations will accept and defend a teacher
    after the fact.

    3. After having this happen to me, I have discovered many other teachers that
    have been treated as callously. I pity them because they were just getting
    started and their careers have been stopped before they got a chance.

    4. All attorneys to date are reluctant to handle this situation. I don't
    know why since it seems pretty clear to me.


    On 12/29/09, Will Rogers wrote:
    > On 12/28/09, S. Jones wrote:
    >> May I say that I am the teacher involved in this post, and yes, my
    >> husband is furious with the system.
    >> My side of the story? I was out of SC and out of teaching for 9 years
    >> prior to last year. The school/district decided to evaluate me in my
    >> first year back in the classroom with a schedule of AP Calculus, AP
    >> Statistics, Precalculus Honors, and Precalculus CP. There was no
    >> material available from the previous teacher, because she was mad at
    >> the the school and she "was going to stick it to them." In reality,
    >> she stuck it to me.
    >> My entire training on ADEPT consisted of the 2 hour orientation the
    >> week before school started. I was given no other information than a
    >> list of dates, some of which applied to me. I told my administrator
    >> that I did not know what she wanted. She replied that she could not
    >> tell me. When I failed ADEPT, I requested a hearing with the
    >> superintendent and all I asked for was the year of remediation
    > and
    >> transfer to a different school. He turned me down. The BY LAW
    > bit in
    >> your reply? Bull malarkey!
    >> So now Will, do you understand my husband's anger? Do I want to tear
    >> down this system? You bet! When corrupt principals and
    >> superintendents can circumvent the law with the blessing of the state
    >> department, it needs to be reworked.
    >> Mrs. Jones
    > Mrs. Jones,
    > The ADEPT is not over, it is only the 1st half. See if you can sit down
    > and get specifics of what they want fixed and fix them...if not, you have
    > grounds for an attorney.
    > I would immediately join the SC nea "union" right away. They have lawyers
    > that will help you! :-) I am sure I don't have all the details, but as
    > you well know not alldistricts are the same, and I LOVE my job here in
    > Jasper COunty! The folks here are awesome, I get strong community
    > support, and my co-workers are supportive and caring.
    > Anger is ont thing....but NEVER condemn a whole state for the acts of a
    > few people...I don't condemn Pennsylvania, I moved along from those folks
    > after I properly set the dogs on the people whom I felt were not working
    > in the best interests of the students. What happened? I came here, and
    > those folks are not longer administrators or teachers...good for me, and
    > the students.
    > You have the choice here....take it or fight back. I recommend fighting
    > for your rights there.
    > Best of Luck.
    > Will