Re: Are there still jobs in TN? Check this out....
To Sammy from Judy

    Hi Sammy
    Hope things go well with your interview. It sounds like it went
    well. Hope you find out soon. Did they contact you yet? Don't
    give up yet. If this is what you want to do then do it.
    Eventually something will come up. But my situation is a
    different story. I used to teach in a private HeadStart in
    Chicago. The good thing is I am a vested teacher there. Then
    I moved to Memphis about 8 years ago. I will tell you it has
    been more challenging to teach here. I think even more than
    Chicago was. I will tell you I have learned. And it makes me
    feel better that I know how to work with challenging students.
    My HeadStart classes were great though. I left a good job to
    move here. I also subbed in Chgo. Public Schools for a few
    years too. I will tell you that you basically have to know a
    principal to get hired as a teacher in Chgo. Public Schools. It
    helps a great deal to be bilingual though and that's where you
    have an advantage. I have went back to school 2 years ago in
    the medical field but I didn't take the certification test I
    needed. But now i will pursue that again. I will try to get
    into the medical field and also continue to sub. Unfortunately,
    no one has called me for a job yet. They just sent me another
    survey again. A school called me to sub while a teacher takes a
    maternity leave for a month. I told them no, because here you
    are paid as a daily sub if the teacher has leave. It's not
    worth it. It's way too much work. I just want to tell you that
    life goes on even after you don't teach. There are other fields
    out there. I don't know why they say there is a teacher
    shortage. i am sure a lot of teachers quit because of
    behavior. But there are other careers out there. Thanks for
    hearing me vent. I don't want to bring anyone down by me going
    back to school, but i feel that's the best choice.Take Care


    On 8/04/06, Sammy to Judy wrote:
    > Judy:
    > Went for a job interview for an ESL/Migratory teacher and the
    > job has two responsibilities: 1. aiding mainstream teachers
    > with ESL students inclass 2. Being the bilingual liason
    > between school and parents. I gave a fairly good interview,
    > in my opinion, and am waiting to hear the verdict first thing
    > monday morning. However, I contacted my references by phone
    > this afternoon to see if they had heard anything, but nothing
    > so far. And that isn't a good sign. I have determined that
    > if this one does not pull thru, I will surely throw in the
    > towel and seek employment in a different field. Perhaps it's
    > a sign for me to pursue another career in life, ha ha ha!
    > Hope all is well with you. Have you landed a FT teaching job
    > yet? Keep in touch, Sammy
    > On 7/31/06, to sammy from judy wrote:
    >> Sammy
    >> Checked out the web site. I am not sure that MSC could
    >> still need 100 more teachers. This could have been when
    >> they first started even though the date said 7/28. But it
    >> could be possible because MCS has hired before at the last
    >> minute. Would you have a better chance at a position if it
    >> could be regular middle school or highschool? Just a
    >> thought. How did your interview go? Was it in a different
    >> state? MCS just sent me another short survey, did they
    >> you? I'll write later.
    >> Take Care
    >> Judy
    >> On 7/29/06, Samuel T. Johnson wrote:
    >>> check that out... if it does not come up, go to
    >>> Click on "all categories" then
    >>> click on TN.
    >>> Hope this is of some help or opens yours eyes to the
    >>> truth... Sammy Johnson