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check that out... if it does not come up, go to Click on "all categories" then
click on TN.

Hope this is of some help or opens yours eyes to the
truth... Sammy Johnson
to sammy from judy /blockquote>

Checked out the web site. I am not sure that MSC could
still need 100 more teachers. This could have been when
they first started even though the date said 7/28. But it
could be possible because MCS has hired before at the last
minute. Would you have a better chance at a position if it
could be ...See More
Jul 31, 2006
Sammy to Judy /blockquote>


Went for a job interview for an ESL/Migratory teacher and the
job has two responsibilities: 1. aiding mainstream teachers
with ESL students inclass 2. Being the bilingual liason
between school and parents. I gave a fairly good interview,
in my opinion, and am waiting to hear the verdict first ...See More
Aug 4, 2006
To Sammy from Judy /blockquote>

Hi Sammy
Hope things go well with your interview. It sounds like it went
well. Hope you find out soon. Did they contact you yet? Don't
give up yet. If this is what you want to do then do it.
Eventually something will come up. But my situation is a
different story. I used to teach in a private HeadStart in...See More
Aug 7, 2006
to judy from sam /blockquote>

Judy: Yes, I got that survey and ignored it. Then got another
one and have chosen to ignore it as well. Seeing how MCS
operates, you and I are better off not working there. It simply
is not worth it. By the way, I did not get that job in Virginia.
I have decided to throw in the towel for a few reasons and wi...See More
Aug 8, 2006

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