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Unit Title: Holes Reading Unit

Grade Levels: 5th

Topic/Subject Areas: Reading

Key Words/Vocabulary: theme, barren,

blisters, canteen, desolate, destiny,

excavate, expanse, fossil, horizon,

innocent, nickname, run-down,

venom, warden

Unit Length (# days): 5 weeks (25 Days)

Designed By: Nicole Burnette

Unit Summary (In the remainder of the page provide a brief summary of unit including curricular context and unit goals):

Unit Goals

What will your students learn through this unit?

State Standards (include state number/letter notation and text) Addressed by Unit:

Essential Questions:

Transfer Goals:

Understanding/Meaning Goals:


Key Knowledge and Skills Goals:

Evidence of Achievement

What evidence will show that students understand the unit's goals?

Performance Tasks:
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