Re: Kindergarten Classroom Management

    I would love some fresh ideas too.......Something that is easy
    to manage. Thank you.Maggie

    On 8/20/07, Russell wrote:
    > I am also a kindergarten teacher. I currently use moving
    > individual cards, but this is only because of my "active"
    > class last year. The year before I used colored cups that
    > coordinated with my table colors. I would give marbles to
    > tables doing a great job and take them away from tables
    > breaking rules. They loved the loud clunk of the marble
    > because as soon as they heard it everyone straightened up to
    > see if I was giving marbles or taking them away. I have also
    > seen teachers use the star system in a pocket chart. Each
    > time a table is doing a great job they get a star. If they
    > are not, then they lose one. If a table has no more stars to
    > take away, then you add brown buttons/cards (symbolizing
    > dirt). The idea is to be a shooting star. The table with the
    > most stars gets a prize. I like this because I always ended
    > up with a "bad" table that had lost all their marbles and I
    > didn't have anything to take away. Therefore, I had no use a
    > different system for punishment.