Re: State standards
they are useless

    They are just there to make trivial busywork for teachers--and
    that's the case in every state. They can't be "met" nor can any
    test test "the standards".
    On 10/18/06, Joe wrote:
    > On 9/11/06, Lara wrote:
    >> I am junior at Austin peay state community collage. We are
    >> working on finding are standards. Could someone elborate on
    >> why we need the standards and what do you do with them once
    >> you have them. Thank you
    > The state standards are for the political aspects of your job.
    > The govenor wants to make sure that anytime they want to know
    > what you are teaching, they just look at the standards for the
    > lessen you are teaching and then check to see if you are
    > checking teaching the standards.
    > You can also go to your local board of education and see the
    > rules and regulations on the standards.
    > I hope this helps a little. Good luck on becoming a teacher.