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What would be a great district to work in Tennessee (in
terms of available jobs, good salary, good students, nice
area, etc)?

My fiancée and I are thinking about moving out of
Michigan, due to the poor economy there. We are 27 and
25, and we both just received our teaching certificates
(secondary) and I have endorsements in Physics and
Earth/Space Sciences, and she has endorsements in Social
Studies, History, Spanish, and ESL.

Thank you!
TNSchoolCounselor /blockquote>

I grew up and work in East Tennessee and it is a wonderful
place to be. I would recommend somewhere around the
Chattanooga or Knoxville area. Many of the smaller counties
in the area have fairly good salaries, students, and schools.
I work in a small county and while we are a Title I school we
have few d...See More
Apr 30, 2007
connie /blockquote>

If you are expecting TN schools to be like Michigan schools,
forget it. They are 30 years behind anything in the North
or Northeast. I taught in Indiana and, I can tell you, the
notion of union here is foreign. Sure, the weather and
topography is great, but teachers work like dogs for low
salary and litt...See More
Aug 9, 2007

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