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The state of Georgia now has its own state teacher test. I was lucky and finished up the Praxis II tests before Georgia changed.

But, now I have books that no one in Georgia want. So, if anyone lives close to Dalton, GA, I would be glad to meet you somewhere in Dalton and will give you the books.

If you do not live close to Dalton, I will take them to the post office and see what it will cost to mail them media mail (takes about 10 days).

The books are listed below and I want to get rid of all of them together. I will take emails on a first come basis. So, if you want these books, email me quickly.

The books are:

ISBN Title 0-8220-2033-5 Cliffs Math Review for Standardized Tests 0-8220-2058-0 Cliffs Praxis II: NTE Core Battery 1-58197-010-2 XAM Teacher's Cert. Specialist 0-88685-283-8 The Praxis Series: Study Guide 2nd. Test 0012 0-7432-6550-5 Kaplan: Praxis 2006 Edition None given Teacher Exam: Elementary Eduation Study Guide
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  • Victoria /blockquote> You may want to consider listing your books . I listed a few of my Praxis study guidesthere, and they were "mooched" by some very appreciativepeople. Also, in return, you'll be allowed to mooch so...See More
    May 10, 2007 report post

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