Re: moving to Clarksville
Barbara Y. Wills

    Welcome to Clarksville. I hope by now you have a school. If
    you would like to be involved with an international foreign
    exchange orgaination the Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer
    Leadership Team could use your assistance. Currently we need
    host families for four students from Thailand, Hong-Kong,
    Chile and Paraguay. Call Jenny Myers as 615-385-9644 or e-mail
    her at AFShosting@misstennky today. You may go to our website
    to find out more about us. Hopefully, I will be able to met
    you in the future. I have just retired from 43 years in
    education throughout the world.Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

    On 6/06/07, JDC wrote:
    > On 5/28/07, ann wrote:
    >> I will be moving to Clarksville from Texas. I am
    >> certified in Special Ed and EC-4. I would love to teach
    >> kindergarten. I have lived in Tennessee before and have
    >> taken the Praxis Special Ed test and the PLT K-5 or
    >> something like that. Will I have to take any more test
    >> and is what curriculum is used in kinder?
    >> Thanks
    >> Ann
    > We moved back to the Clarksville area after being gone 13
    > years and it has changed a lot! I am in the teacher ed
    > at APSU, working on a M.A. in ED (7-12) to teach Social
    > The TN Department of Education web site lists what you need
    > test in to be HQ in your subject area. The
    > Clarksville-Montgomery County School System websits is where
    > you will need to apply for a public school job if you want to
    > work in TN. The site, which lists job openings and lots of
    > other info about schools in the district is
    > If you want to work on post, those schools are in DODDS and I
    > understand the pay is better. Several friends work there, but
    > the opportunity to apply for on-post teaching jobs only comes
    > up occasionally through the USAJOBS and DODDS sites. JDC