Re: looking to get out of knox county

    I would volunteer at a couple of schools...this helps you get your
    foot in the door!! If they know have a better chance!

    On 8/26/07, Lisa wrote:
    > And here I am trying desperately to get into Knox County
    > I recently moved to Farragut and I can't get an interview or
    > a call for substituting!!! Any suggestions?
    > HELP!
    > On 8/07/07, ca_g777 wrote:
    >> I thought I was the only one that thought this about Knox
    >> County Schools! I have been here a few years and have had the
    >> worst experience. I would love to go to Oak Ridge, Anderson,
    >> or Maryville. At least I hear these districts are good. I
    >> came from an excellent school and district out west and it has
    >> been a disappointment here.
    >> On 8/01/07, Mlwar865 wrote:
    >>> Blount schools are good. However, their hiring manager is
    >>> bias and if you didn't go to UT or Maryville College you
    >>> won't be able to get on full time. Plus get ready to be
    >>> bounced around to any and all interim positions in the
    >>> county. I did it for 3 years and finally gave up and got out
    >>> of teaching alltogether.
    >>> On 7/24/07, help me wrote:
    >>>> Does any one know anything about Loudon County or Blount
    >>>> County schools? Can't be any worse than Knox County...