Re: Teachers salary in Memphis (near Memphis)
Donna music/TN

    I taught in Memphis until my daughter was born, in one of
    those "high crime areas" (elementary music).And I have to tell you, while it's a hard job, it's also an
    extremely rewarding one. For many of those kids, school is the
    most stable thing in their lives, and while you have some who
    have really horrific behaviors, many of them simply need limits
    and to know that you care, at least at the elementary level, to
    come around. In addition, Memphis has made real efforts at
    reducing class size in inner city schools, so it's rare to have
    an elementary class over 20 children, and primary grades are
    often under 15-16.

    Do not expect parental support, but if you've got a good handle
    on classroom management, Memphis schools aren't as hard as many
    make them out to be.

    As far as salary goes, I think Memphis city starts in the high
    30's now-but is also a very, very low cost of living area. We
    have a 2000 sq foot house, in a fairly low-crime, suburuban
    area, and paid 150K.