Re: Teachers salary in Memphis (near Memphis)

    In addition, Memphis has made real efforts at
    > reducing class size in inner city schools, so it's rare to
    > an elementary class over 20 children, and primary grades are
    > often under 15-16.
    > Do not expect parental support, but if you've got a good
    > on classroom management, Memphis schools aren't as hard as
    > make them out to be.
    Hah! Don't be don't be confused. Teachers are assaulted in MCS
    and it is often swept under the rug. Some teachers luck up on
    fantasy schools such as this. Parents often give much more
    support than administration. The Board needs to stop blaming the
    parents and teachers for violence and failures. The real problem
    is that the schools are nothing more than corporate America.
    Memphis views a violent child's attendance as a dollar sign. Try
    Shelby County if nothing more. It is really hard for some of us
    in MCS-Don't take others' bad experiences for granted because
    this district can and will turn on you as it pleases. To the
    original postee ask yourself why MCS has one of the highest turn
    over rates in TN.