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    ท Walnut Square Mall ท Bradley Square Mall ท Northgate Mall
    ท Hamilton Place Mall

    Yes, I want to Perform in the Times Free Press Kid Talent
    Search! Walnut Square Mall (Dalton, GA) • March 29th •
    Entries must be received before March 8 Bradley Square Mall
    (Cleveland, TN) • April 5 • Entries must be received before
    March 8 Hamilton Place Mall (Chattanooga, TN) • April 26 •
    Entries must be received before March 29 Northgate Mall
    (Chattanooga, TN) • April 12 • Entries must be received
    before March 29

    Singer Dancer Instrument______________________

    Name __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______ Name
    __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______ Name
    __________________________ Age _____ Name
    ___________________________ Age ______

    __________ST____ ___ Zip __________ Parent or Guardian
    ______ Phone No. Home (_____) _________________________
    Phone No. Work (_____) _______________________ Name of Song
    or Music ______________________________________________
    (one song or music piece)

    Please Read - Important Notice: Age appropriate lyrics and
    dance moves, only. CDs are preferred with backup CD or
    tape. Contestants can only perform with recorded back-up or
    live accompanist 12 years of age and under, no adult
    accompanists on or off stage. This is NOT a sing-along.
    Contestants who use recorded LEAD instruments or vocals
    related to their performance will not be judged. A
    contestant may perform different talents, as a soloist or
    with different performers at different malls - limited to 2
    performances. Performers are limited to 2 performances,
    whether it be a solo or with other performers during
    Riverbend. Performances will be on different nights during
    Riverbend and each performance will contain 3 numbers. For
    information call the Chattanooga Times Free Press
    Promotions Dept. at (423) 757-6498