Re: Mayor proposes to have paddling returned
Bring back the paddle

    Bring back the paddle. Corporal punishment at assemblies to deter
    misbehavior. A paddle in the saddle and no more fiddle faddle. Why
    not? The old way still works. Mr. Woodshed

    On 5/20/08, you just don't know wrote:
    > You just don't know how it can be here until you're in here in the
    > system. Since it was taken out 2 years ago. I honestly don't
    > think they will get it back.
    >> S & M
    >> On 5/16/08, Tennessee will be leading the way backward wrote:
    >>> if paddling returns. What is up with this mayor??? What is
    >>> his background?
    >>> On 5/12/08, Not surprised wrote:
    >>>> I am not surprised... what else is new... everyone knew that
    >>>> CP was on hiatus in Tenn, but will be back in practice
    >>>> soon... assume the position!
    >>>> On 5/10/08, wow- now I have heard it all wrote:
    >>>>> _Mayor Herenton Wants Paddling Back in Schools_
    >>>>> (
    >>>>> content_id=e7c86ecc-57a6-\
    >>>>> 47a6-8f51-39f0890cf22d)