Re: Teaching near Nashville
Glenda 4TN

    It is possilbe to find a "small town" school outside of the
    Metro Nashville area, but it won't be easy. Try some of the
    surrounding areas: Williamson County, Franklin City School
    District (highest paying area), Rutherford County,
    Murfreesboro City School District, and Wilson County. These
    areas are south, east and west of Nashville. I'm not
    familiar with the northern areas. There are several private
    schools in the Metro Nashville area. My daughter teaches in the Metro Nashville area. She loves
    it, but you must have a heart for the inner city child.

    I wish you luck.

    Glenda 4TN

    On 5/30/08, Jamie wrote:
    > My husband is toying with the idea of tranfering in his
    > job to Nashville. I teach in SC now (first grade) and was
    > wondering if you could tell me about Nashville schools. I
    > tried looking for salary info on the dept. of ed site but
    > couldn't navigate it well. I have never been to TN. I
    > would love to teach in a small town outside of Nashville
    > as I'm a small town kind of girl. My current school is K4-
    > 2 with 400 students. It has a real family feel. Any
    > school districts like that around? Any info you can give
    > me would be appreciated.