Re: gradjing handwritten essay software

    On 6/21/08, natasha wrote:
    > Does anyone know of a website that has software for
    > grading handwritten essays. I'm trying to avoid checking
    > 150 essays by hand next school year. My students will not
    > have computer access to type essays out on a regular basis-
    > this is mainly for me to give back accurate feedback in a
    > timely manner.
    Don't know of any software, but you might try using the
    pairing of students with 1 paper handed in. This only works
    if you pair people of equal grades / ability. I was amazed
    at how well it worked when it was suggested to me. I did
    give them the option of writing alone, since I had 3 people
    who had no desire to work with anyone. It did cut the
    number of papers by almost half, and the students said they
    learned from it.