Re: Are teachers needed in Tennessee?

    I sub in Nashville and did all my student teaching there, it is
    not a bad school district. It is like everywhere, you might
    have a rougher school in one part of town and the best in the
    state in another. I have been to both kind and have had
    positive and negative experiences in both. It is not fair to
    say that about an entire school district. It also depends on
    what area you teach, elementary or seconday. Just had to put my
    two cents in on that one!

    On 10/26/09, momma wrote:
    > Special ed is always needing people here. We seem to be the
    > magnet state for dang near everyone having something going on.
    > Check after May 1 because that is when teachers must be told
    > if they are rehired and when retirement must be declared.
    > No one in their right mind would teach in Memphis or
    > Nashville. Combat pay with flak jacket, taser and attack
    > dogs.