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    Re: Are teachers needed in Tennessee?

    I am from outside Oak Ridge and let me tell you slim pickngs, there
    are very few jobs, and a long line for those.
    On 4/15/10, Rick wrote:
    > How about regular ed?
    > On 12/29/09, Jaime Kerns wrote:
    >> On 10/23/09, Alyssa wrote:
    >>> hi, I'm from New York and working on my bachelors in
    >>> regular and special education, but my dream is to move to
    >>> tennessee once i'm done with my masters as i work in the
    >>> city, but i'm curious is tennessee in need of teachers or
    >>> is it like here where there are no jobs?
    >>> Thanks so much in advanced!
    >> I know for a fact that in Hamilton County that they are always
    >> in need of those w/ special ed backgrounds...have you thought
    >> about getting your vision license? What about other areas of
    >> spec. ed.
    >> They always clamor of having no money but we keep getting more
    >> we have to have the teachers.
    >> Definitely start the process ASAP as to when you want your
    >> job. Start contacting personel about positions, etc....
    >> I teach in Ham. county, my mom taught here for 22yrs in
    >> special ed, my mominlaw is a principal so...I've
    >> grown up in this system.
    >> One thing though, get used to the southern culture of business
    >> and formalities...I'm not joking. A sister of mine moved near
    >> Princeton last year and it's been a culture shock for her and
    >> the company she's with (it's a national company). The company
    >> had no idea how to work w/ their clients in South Carolina
    >>'s different. The same goes for the new
    >> automotive industry coming to town. Having had some of the
    >> officials over (from another country), they've really
    >> struggled with how casual, yet formal/polite, the society
    >> Getting down to business means a whole other thing down here
    >> and if you want to make a good impression, be polite, very
    >> friendly and don't forget your manners (yes ma'am, etc)
    >> very political down here and people remember attitudes more
    >> than quality of teaching