Re: Behavior of Students in Eastern TN?

    On 11/23/09, SouthFLTeacher wrote:
    > Hi! I am a teacher in south Florida, and the behavior of
    > the students down here is terrible. I know other teachers
    > who have moved elsewhere in central FL, and they say how
    > much better behaved the students are, and they have so many
    > more involved parents compared to those in Broward county.
    > What is your opinion about the students in TN? I am
    > seriously considering moving to Eastern Tennessee, near the
    > Knoxville area. I just wanted to get your opinions about
    > the overall behavior of the kids in your classes. I know
    > that kids are not perfect anywhere, but I am just wondering
    > if the kids in south FL are just at the worst extreme
    > (which would not be surprising, considering we have really
    > rude adults down here too!). Thank you so much for your
    > thoughts and opinions!

    Born in Palm Beach, having a mom that taught in Belle Glade
    and then up here in Chattanooga, an aunt who taught in the
    Space Coast for over 30 yrs, etc.... I can say that kids are
    kids, but I will say you will find more pleasant students up
    here than down there simply b/c our state hasn't handed over
    all the teachers rights to the parents...which makes FL
    students respect the teachers less.

    I've worked in 4 schools now in my district and found that
    overall the kids are pleasant, even in my inner city schools.
    BUT, here's the big BUT, the kids in the inner city act just
    as bad, if not worse than some that you might find in the
    Miami-dade area.... Now near Knoxville, you'll have several
    good areas that are affluent, though I don't think you get
    paid even as much as we do in Chattanooga. And it depends on
    the age of the kids you teach.... I think TN teachers have it
    far easier than FL teachers for the most part, but you have
    better pay, support to do National Board Certification, and
    other things we don't have.