Re: Relocating to Nashville
    Joe H.

    On 12/29/09, Lani Reeder wrote:
    > Happy New Year!
    > I am getting married and my soon-to-be husband is
    > living/working in the Nashville area. I am a highly
    > qualified science teacher (5-12) with experience in
    > coaching and teaching math. I am currently teaching in
    > Denver and will be moving at the end of the school year. I
    > have applied for my TN license, but the wait begins! Any
    > information would be much appreciated.
    > Thanks!

    Hi Lani:

    I noticed your posting. I, too, am a teacher in the Denver
    area flirting with the idea of moving to Nashville, although I
    teach high school English. Once you get out there, it would
    be great to keep in touch and get your perspective as a
    Colorado transplant, as long as you're O.K. with this. I'm on
    Facebook if that helps. Thanks.