Re: Surplus In East TN (especially Knox County)

    You are coming to the wrong place. Surplus here is awful.
    There are very few jobs, and there is a long line for them.
    Your only chance is to know someone in the system. Knox
    County has laid off tons. The openings on their sight are for
    non tenured teachers that will be hired back. They just have
    to post them for protocal. Sorry.

    On 5/23/10, SouthFLTeacher wrote:
    > I have definitely experienced the surplus problem in south
    > Florida schools. Unfortunately, I have been placed in not
    > so desirable schools. I am planning on relocating to
    > Knoxville very soon. My question is, how common is
    > surplussing teachers to different schools in East TN
    > (particularly in Knox County). When you are hired by a
    > particular school, what are the chances that you will stay
    > at that school the following year, as opposed to being
    > shipped to a not-so desirable one? Thank you so much for
    > any insight! :)