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I am hoping someone can give me some feedback. Sorry if this is a bit long winded, I just want to make sure my circumstance is clear.

I just turned 63 and I am in good health. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I went to college to start to be a math teacher. I have always loved math and I am a lifelong learner. I switched majors to Computer Science, and I have worked in the field for the last 35 years. I started out as a programmer and have moved up in the field to a business analyst, and then years as Project Manager. In this field, I build teams, coach and mentor others and teach. While in college I worked for the school as a math tutor. I feel that a lot of the skills that I have would translate well to a classroom setting. I genuinely care about others and love to help others succeed and reach their potential.

I want to give back. I was fortunate enough to have some outstanding teachers that engaged my mind and kindled a curiosity and a love of learning that h...See More

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